Wellness has many meanings to every person. There is wellness in all aspects of life. Physical, mental and spiritual wellness. In this book you will find 100 techniques that you can use to be well on a daily basis. You can choose to read this book straight through or flip around to find a wellness technique that matches what you need right now. Enjoy and thank you for reading.


1. Meditation
2. Walking barefoot in grass
3. Cuddle under a weighted blanket
4. Have a great conversation
5. Approach life with love


The universe gives us the perfect solutions everyday to every situation. If we listen closely enough the answers to all parts of our wellness are in your life right now. These are various methods that I have found work for my clients as a Wellness Life Coach, as well as myself. It is possible to find wellness in all areas of life. First, you must believe its possible. Next, go find the solutions to all your wellness questions.